Sean Watson

More than 25 years of experience working on agricultural development projects, focusing on operations management, regenerative agriculture, traceability, and social & environmental impact. Based in Bhutan since 2010, overseeing Mountain Hazelnuts’ agricultural operations before becoming the CEO.  

Mountain Hazelnuts partners and innovates with over 8,000 smallholder farming households and community groups throughout Bhutan to generate long-term income, revitalize vulnerable communities, and enable sustainable land stewardship through the production and sale of premium-quality hazelnuts using regenerative and organic best practices, and provision of ecosystem services.  

Currently implementing one of the largest climate adaptation grafting programs to increase the resilience of the variety mix and improve yields.  Previously successfully implemented a nearly decade-long technology transfer to improve long term soil health, sustainably mechanize, and improve traceability/safety of processing tomato paste produced by millions of growers for Heinz co-packers in China.