The first Positive Impact Innovation Festival, bringing together leading figures in innovation, social and environmental impact, and business models at the national and international levels.

SYZYGY is the concept representing the alignment of three celestial objects in our universe. For us, it is a source of inspiration that leads us to promote a festival where innovation, business models, and positive impact converge.

At SYZYGY, we will address the major global challenges affecting our society and planet. We will do this through six impact themes that require action from the private sector.

Social equity

Ensuring basic rights and equal opportunities for all people, especially those in vulnerable conditions.

diversity - gender equality - poverty reduction - migration - identity


Promoting a sustainable economic system where everyone has the opportunity to prosper.

education - access to technology - financial accessibility - new economies - impact investment

Health & well-being

Facilitating the physical and mental health of individuals and their sense of well-being.

physical and mental health - well-being in organizations - healthy habits - well-being of older people - (COVID response)

Sustainable communities

Making cities and rural areas spaces for people's quality of life harmoniously with a healthy and vibrant natural environment.

livability of spaces - sustainable mobility - dynamic rural territories - positive impact tourism

Climate & biodiversity

Preventing the worst consequences of climate change and protecting natural ecosystems and biodiversity.

energy transition - climate action - conservation and restoration of ecosystems - oceans - water

Circular economy

Redefining products, services, and business models to decouple social progress from the increase in material footprint.

responsible production and consumption - circular industries: textiles, electronics, construction - regenerative food systems

A festival to discuss the actual transformation of the private sector,

not just regulatory compliance.

A space for excitement and inspiring solutions,

not just analyzing complex problems.

A practical place for collaborative learning,

not just presenting theoretical frameworks.

A festival to build a community that drives change in the field of positive impact innovation,

not just for networking.


Green Patio
Calle Salamanca
2328020 Madrid

We chose Green Patio to host the festival, a responsible space filled with light and magic. It once housed a 20th-century printing press and now features three floors and a terrace spanning 3000m2, with retractable solar roofs and open spaces ideal for enjoying talks, activities, exhibitions, and other prepared surprises.

Syzygy is a festival organized by The Overview Effect, a positive impact innovation consultancy.

At The Overview Effect, we help place positive impact at the center of large companies' business models through innovation by conceptualizing new products and services that generate positive impact and economic value for the companies.

Alongside The Overview Effect, Paradigma Digital and Minsait, two leading companies in digital transformation, provide support in organizing Syzygy to highlight the value of technology as a lever for generating positive impact.