Positive Impact Innovation

Def. Positive Impact Innovation connects the planet's challenges and people with business models to create solutions that generate social, environmental, and economic value through combining scientific knowledge, design, and technology.



Positive impact

Positive Impact Innovation

Key Principles of Positive
Impact Innovation


Arises from a deep understanding and knowledge of sustainability challenges.


It is focused on generating solutions that reach the market.


Combines innovation methodologies and creative processes under a systemic approach to solving challenges.


Utilizes technology as an enabler and scaler of solutions.


It aims to generate a real positive impact with depth, scope, and persistence.

Innovation has been the driving force of progress in our society and economy in recent years, leading to significant developments that have changed our lives and how we relate to each other.

In a world marked by growing social inequality and challenges such as climate change and biodiversity loss, innovation must serve these problems and become a generator of solutions.

If it does not serve this purpose, what is the actual role of innovation?