Guillermo Gauna Vivas

A social entrepreneur who, at the age of 22, founded Ayúdame3D, an organization that seeks out amputees worldwide to provide them with free assistance, such as mechanical prosthetics, to improve their quality of life. With a background in industrial organization engineering, his work has earned him significant recognition, including the Princess of Girona Award and the Social Innovation Award at the World Youth Forum in Egypt.

He has been featured in Forbes' 30under30 list, Forbes' list of the 100 largest social fortunes in Spain, and Forbes' list of the 100 most creative individuals in the business world.He possesses extensive experience as a speaker, having delivered two TEDx talks and numerous renowned presentations.

After four years of working at Ayúdame3D, he has achieved exponential growth of 900% thanks to his innovative business design based on alliances to achieve goals. This has translated into helping over 25,000 individuals through technology, all while maintaining the profitability and scalability of his social entrepreneurship.